A great-granddaughter named Nebuchanezzar

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, February 10, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses

To My Great Granddaughter

Time is… the sketchy Jehovah’s witness rapping at death’s ivory’s door
Taking vacations to see you didn’t always rest well with the tech advisory boards
Continuum recoil theory - it’s all a part of the science
Autumn collides with, the parchment I’ve scribed in, the darkened papyrus
It was always my job for providing you a future that didn’t involve dissolving horizons
My voice always surrounded you like the blue colossus Orion
I wasn’t there for your mother’s second marriage - please congratulate Mathias
The things I’ve seen, they should eradicate my iris and place me in a constant state of paralysis
Then use the callousness of this generational gap talisman to recalibrate the diamond
The palisades of an animated planetscape reappeared as the palace gates of Zion
Earth needed a grounded, able pilot of this new machine they’d proved could beam
Into new frontiers of space’s fluid seas, condemned to drown in His own consuming dreams
How I miss our humble home in Arkansas, that old porch and the gentle, soothing breeze
Grandma slept soundlessly as the blue twilight blessed her with azure physique
I missed your dance recitals, your birthdays, the moment your child was born
He was given the name David - the same day that I watched Goliath
Get a rock slingshot across his eyelid; it made me consider life in moderation
Let’s just say HG Wells left out a few details and minor observations
I took a glance at the knobs and wires, the copper vials
The first time I took in the view of the suspension sphere… I wished I’d brought a bible
In this planetarium of throbbing light spools, I wondered if I could ever call or write you
During strange embarking to the farthest isles - I knew the god(s) would smile
Then as the hourglass continued to drain I felt my arteries weaken
Escaping the Past, Present, and Future without the knowledge to reap it
I attempted to trek however long required to reach it - sent out a cryogen beacon
To the lighthouses at the last shore in the hopes that Grandfather Time would release us!

*Interrupted frequency*

“Hold up… okay, okay.. that’s all very cool and scientifically flashy… but I’m sitting here in amazement.
Your saying you had trouble visiting your grand daughter while operating a time machine?
You sir... are truly are an idiot of the ages…”

Your grandpa loves you dearly...
Forever yours.


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