Uprising of the Downtrodden - 300 B.C.

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There were clusters of restless peasants in the fields...
Right around the time when the world saw the invention of the wheel
Aristocratic snakes roamed the Indus River Valley
with intent that was concealed - a lesson they'd reveal...
Misconduct had an electric effect on the populace... they had the temperament of eels
The Damara, or feudal landlords, ordered a town gathering
Families who refused to attend were herded together with bronze javelins
At this time, conditions were beyond hazardous -
Hierarchies spread their miserable roots
The Indus riddled with brutes - predicaments proved monotheistic religion was moot
Debate was nigh in tents and flats,
when ancient tribes went tit for tat over civil disputes...

Artisans weren't amused; carpenters & shepherds embraced their nervous kin
The property taxes they might soon face bordered on tasteless, murderous
Documents were passed around by the hundreds, irresoluteness would tease them
Sign OUR land over to these demons? If not, executed for treason...
Kings and emperors were booted as weaklings
"The fine print" was the new royal lineage.
A poisonous, crimson strain of hibiscus began to bloom in the region
Corruption was no foreign tongue; they weren't new to the teachings
All naysayers ended up as destitute sinews on the beaches
So many parasites flocked, their collective destructiveness might've formed typhus
Erosion of rights burnt through the city like a bush fire through old Cyprus
"Take what Damaras say with a large grain of salt," warned the elders...
it's too bad they couldn't afford spices.

[roughly translated due to poor condition of historical tablet]

"By the decree of Jyahangira the Pratihara...
It'll take forty parables, NOT forty thieves like Ali Baba
Gandharavas and Hosa Rajanaka have a message for the serfs
Khana Ebhrahimaja respects & honors your testament to serve
We've determined your elemental worth, by the king's orders"
(The document was full of obscure references meant to snip corners
seize borderlands, bleed pauper's hands, claim acres of rich orchards)
Damara enforcers read the last statement, being the orators
Confident with their job security since the statuses of their lords would soar

"Signed, [the following names]
اپ کی زمین ہے اور اسی میں ہماری بھلائی ہے. اس پر دستخط کرنے سے ایک اہستہ رفتار ہے.
Yorlandizouhahs, Sine-Italwhay, Atya Li-Shure"

It was a subliminal message, such maliciousness
as was discovered by a resident calligraphist...
Angered, the villagers rendered these wicked men
deader than Australopithecus...

"Get the gist of it? Let me explain...
Yorlandizouhahs, Sine-Italwhay, Atya Li-Shure
"Your land is ours. Sign it over at your leisure."

Consequently, enforcers' blood drenched the soil of the dry provinces
The Samaras, blind to any common decency,
immune to all laws & high doctrine lists
had something to look forward to -
as pitchforks were lodged into their eye socket slits
Trends still persist today in the same thrones where the Nine Brahmin sit
What men do for consolidated power is mind boggling...

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