"Why I hate blind dates"

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses
Eve Angelica was evangelical - a Christian in her heart
On a blind date with a dashing young stud named Christian at the park
He was a critic, and she was an absolute BEAST at the ministry of art
When he could feel chemistry had sparked, Christian started playing it subtly
He brought up the word sex and they engaged in it comfortably
His eyes glinting with longingness, nostrils flared, he gazed at her lustfully
Emotions erupting with potent substances, she moved closer and touched him
They kissed in the twilight of a full moon - it could've been a movie poster or somethin'
She flirtaciously bit at his lip - he gently nibbled her chin
"Let's go back to my place... to relax by the fireplace with incense, Guinness & gin.."
He smiled a venomous grin as they both crossed the threshold into Eve's apartment
"Her innocence is original sin.." he thought as he poured liquid into gleaming goblets
Strode into her room, and found her sitting by the mirror
"Look how beautiful you are.." he stroked her neck, whispered in her ear
"But before you get it in the rear, I've got a secret to tell..."
And before Eve could even rebel he'd transformed into a monster, diseased, evil as well
His skin was a deep swamp green complete with a tail -
As far as she could tell his eyes were redder than a feverish demon from hell
"Muahaha.. I will make a tarp from your skin, and a harp from your limbs..
Go on... scream... let the carnage begin..."
Then suddenly, she turned into an even more horrifying monster than him!


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