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"A man of his revenue, at the eve of the war -
Standing in a canyon of residue"

If you think green, then the forest survives in the inner me
When war is not an option, reuse the energy
Earth's most powerful industry - do you speak of the profit?
The hive's population, always keep a leaf in my pocket
Land lord of the mountain, burnt tires and car seats -
Steam from the carcass resonated through wildfires and palm trees
One citrus weed manages to rise through the concrete.
Pack a pair of watermelon goggles to identify the Grade 3 carbon
Cheap bargain at the flea market, tree auction
Now to the Discovery channel voter's panel flannel coats
School bus field trip caught in a mudslide - there goes the candy coat
Somebody's gotta do it, you have to keep the people guessing
This raspberry toothache goes out to hard workers READ THE MESSAGE
Because the fungus grows where you least expect it
Yellowstone bellows I'm searching for an ash deposit
Atmospheric disaster clouded, reroute the adapter
At the airport bench, awaiting the drought that I'm after
Umbrella flash flood villagers acknowledge the force of the force
Hitch a ride on the next tsunami wave dumped on coastal resorts
Humans move with a purpose - take flight and land one day.
In this simple urban establishment, we just live and learn
There's still a plant at the corner of the mouth -
But a different version.
Yea, the universe is infinite, urbanism,
Follow the wind or the first religion that comes to mind
Some fall behind because they just can't work the rhythm
Morning garbage pick-up, retain the state doing black bag chin-ups
Get up, and look to the measurement without knowing the time
Waste Management, this is life, remember the mines and timber
Land mass civilian, electricity makes contact with the whites of her eyes
Know that everything recyclable is growth in disguise
Inhale too many chemical, maybe the rat packs can throw in a line
Corner store disposal - you never know what you'll find
This is an extermination spanning over the dominion of dead wheat
Wilderness wilderbeasts feast upon the flesh of the red meat
It's the land of opportunity, Translation: You'd better run
A satin shadow waiting for the city bus that will never come
The plumber brotherhood working side by side to end the landfills,
Sunflower gun powder - it's all at a standstill.
STRONGARM and Vulgar, the futile force
Who'd have thought the cycle of nature was black and corrupt
With dead human bodies in the back of the truck.


“A man of his beliefs, in the aftermath of destruction -
Kneeling in a field of the deceased"

Recycling concentration camp, the current fate we’re under
With glass and plastics separated by size, shape and color
Racism replaced by another form of segregation
It's the norm: ignore the revelation, 
Instead ingest more meds for thorough meditation
Waste not want not, history’s most infamous lie
Dissident since witnessing frugal African tribes die
Animals slaughtered for the choicest cuts sold at top price
What's not fit for human consumption,
Ground to powder and fed to what we feed on throughout life  
Utilize the concept, view vagrants as "displaced meat" 
Feed the homeless.. to the starving, a genuine taste of the streets
Karma's in motion, marvel in it's marvelous notion
Frankenstein’s monster perfected, our freewill power is broken
Cremate the dead, mix their ashes with concrete, the foundation
For the next generation to build on top of and blossom a proud nation
Stop the violence, complacent brawlers expand your fists
SAVE THE WHALES..! Casino's need big gamblers to exist
Don't exhaust natural resources, dispose of greed 
Use paper sparingly, It's not like it grows on trees..! Oh wait...
Ignore inner city greenery, champion the rain forest botanical
Count sheep to fall asleep, for short naps try an endangered animal
Be a puppet with no strings attached or a boss
Buy recycled arithmetic books for a fraction of the cost
Process of elimination: profit through gossip and intimidation
The newest innovation, making progress misusing affiliations
Environmental terrorist with threats of acid rain
Money gets invested into Science, the ransom cash is claimed
The end of existence exists yet we pretend it’s distant
Enlist in a resistance NOW to resist twisted politician misfits
Who speak with Nuclear weapons so their message comes through loud
Eager to appease peace loving vegetarians with mushroom clouds
Accept your mistakes or face worse excerpts of terrors
Whiteout may lead to Cancer...
Factor the health risks before attempting to correct your errors
Children are the future, a perfectly designed capsule
So Pedophiles molesting kids are really just attempting time travel
Evil spawns without warning, time for repenting freed breeding
Working our fingers to the bone like the Blind attempting speed reading
Depleting the ozone, leaving every layer thinner
Until human beings are the universes newest microwaveable dinner..!
Before morgues, before our species even uttered words or sentences
Insects: God’s original clean up crew, were to thank for Earth’s Cleanliness
Organizing organisms and other organic doomed specimens
Vulgar and STRONGARM, Waste Management union representatives

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