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Embarked with the Cretans to the gardens of credence
The Baltic regimes - they targeted seedlings for monstrous reasons
On the coasts of the Galapagos with their karma chameleons
Nature was a technological feat, trees offered leaves & made apes strong
A ripe green Perrot composed fronds from date palms
human beings sat in their glasshouses, sold arms and napalm
Siddhartha Gotama’s novel was based on the meaning of existence
Lichens. They breed with such persistence with no easing or a litmus
The blood of utopia was a kiwi sea breeze bleeding from the fringes
Survival, a meeting of the fittest, competing as a business
But who’s leading the resistance? Whoever it is, dissipating in lapses
because a nimble fragrance reacted when the steam engine of life…
became syncopated in fragments, and the mechanics of the forest
tympanics in a chorus when the coroner’s given incubation attachment
The commoner’s children, dyed in the pigment of the omegas -
The old earth a cold, dark, underlying covenant
In the summertime the hoverflies buzzed with lime percussionists
It seems most men never bothered with the son Orion's troublings
Good luck dealing with corruption in monarch butterfly governments
Barbiturates leered amid a new Coniferous Period
Too much carp fishing and pyramid building left a carnivorous myriad
Marsupial kama sutra-suitable, the bark gives a boost in lieu
Don’t call em a tree hugger… the natural affection is not mutual.
Mapping legend, a catheter’s resting on March reeds that bloom in full
A troop of fools went to prehistoric Sardinia to part seas & cubic roots
Civilization always remained a half-heart beat, a grueling wound…
The invading fauna that consumed Brooklyn & Canarsie was beautiful
Rivers required no dams, and papyrus sedges bunkered in ocean mists
Before the Rosetta stones, there were roses and colorless lotuses
Before there were woodcutters, all lumber was onerous
No planetary resources were being summoned for ownership
Tranhumanist neuron pollen collectors, garlic and nectar
A gauntlet of moralist textures. Spawned from Kepler’s tonics and lectures
parabolic receptors in the tree branches grew Panasonic in texture
“Don’t you understand? The tree of life needs no penthouse.”
said the head architect to the landscape staff
In the city of the artificial vineyards where the mandrakes clash
Intellect had a mass appeal, intersecting with brass and steel
In the dead of winter, every microsecond would last until…
Somehow hope sprung from the wreckage of daffodils
"Humans, be warned, tampering with natural machina can birth a curse,
Heinlein said the moon was a harsh mistress...but the Earth is worse."


technological manifestations clogging our stamina
stationing breaks in our wishbone as we flock to inanimate makeshifts
tangible natives created through philosopher's stone
but, it's got them on hold; locked in a consciousness-trap for the ages
he questions what happened the day they expanded their ranges
The Thinker became the maskless dictator, carrying Satan's inadequate phases
to the culture, strung like soaking clothes in summertime
it seems that we have overdosed on Tumblr like,
"I'd love to try another line, so feed my serotonin-flow and stun my mind."
vultures want the soul composed of dust,
disguised as a mortal, but "I am" the portal that shows the other side

reviving the alchemy-practice for those with opened eyes
override this whole decline of hope and keep faith in pieces
re-pave the path that leads way to genius
gifted is the spirit who becomes but never witnesses
we die to be reborn and let the rubbish shed in increments
leave the play the way it's shaped and flee this sickening game we've made
I dream a day the robot cuts the strings that his creations gave him..

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