"The Stag and the Ethernet Cable"

Posted by Erik Moshe on Thursday, September 5, 2013 Under: Poetry

A squire’s camp in Senegal consists of warrior scholars
Servants pass through the periphery as they manage duties
small tents seldom erect themselves; partisans sit around fires,
relaying on the geometry of the sun’s orbit subordination,
and Ethiopian rice pudding with a bit of menthol
Nightfall assumes its unequivocally dark form,
providing drapery for a setting comparable to a Bedouin wifi café
camel coffee stands, alchemist tables & stools
A boy measures the googols of sweat beads
on his father’s forehead reflected in the firelight;
consigning himself to fetch the water for the morning wash

An exotic stag rustles sheepishly in a nearby cage,
no doubt, coping with bondage, in Adaptation Tug-A-War
A souvenir from foreign trade posts,
luxury livestock product #three from a decoyed Moorish module
The stag amidst the yammering breathes calmly, surveying
campgrounds as an animal spirit caught in a dodo’s wings,
property in an odd template of cosmological herd hierarchy
Is it an object of wealth, of worth? Is it a sovereign creature?
or an instrument used to ride toward the agents of fortune
as they encircle the Jordan River with mysterious resoluteness
(the Euphrates data network support team)
A hand latches itself onto the lower leg of the stag,
jarring it from awake-sleep; the transaction goes unnoticed
It grips until flesh is visibly bruised, blood trickling
beginning to insert a cartographer map-sized yolk of wires and chips
into tendons and bone enamel, utilizing electrical impulses
to replace the ones that give it the gilded essence of life
A human hand of ordinary appearance catapults out of the desert
Half mummified, half massage therapist;
Some connection immediately made somehow sparks communication:
“The people… they’ll use steeds as an expenditure for conquest,
until pale horses that revelation spoke of are unveiled
on the bleeding turf as the latest technological breakthrough…
-- dubbed Palomino Hovercrafts!”

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