'The Riddle's the Answer' - (feat. David Lama, Destroyer & FreshADiddle)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Friday, February 10, 2012 Under: Rhymed Verses
David Lama

why work hard when it feels like we’re destined to fall?
trying to create new forms of energy cuz we got none left in our souls
obama’s speeches used to make the public wanna go rejoice
talk of change going on 4 years with the only change being his tone of voice
everything about our economy is just fucking dead wrong
cutting taxes isn’t enough anymore, we need to cut some heads off
til' these bigots start honoring free health care & medicine
our people been imprisoned by poverty but we bailed out the banks instead of them
lets get a hold of our land before it spoils
by cleaning ourselves of the dirty politics, bloody wars and oil
we’ll rise to great heights if we unite & ignite the same fight
get it straight & fix whats left of our nation. forget about dykes & gay rights


Forget about late nights, awake in the middle of the murderer’s lands
I find myself reserved as a man
I find myself finding out the United States “federal reserve” is a scam
Once you learn it’s a sham, wicked family trees start shrinkin’ their branches
Imagine it’s post-Obama depression - costs of war left em’ livid and rampant
As the ghost of Thomas Jefferson haunts the doorstep to ignorance mansion
Amidst this civil surveillance, patriot act perimeter phantoms -
Pentagon plane footage? We accumulate questions - they limit the answers
But the.. riddle's the answer and you might figure it out before you riddled with cancer
Dollar bill symbols, missiles and lances - sinister inner phalanges, handpicked
They run the wheel of deception we continue to power like some miserable hamsters
Upon the altar where humanity was raped - the fuck happened to vanity and grace?
Seems like it’s been replaced by insanity and waste -
A wise man once told me to go to hell…
I headed for the Rockefeller family's estate..
but wait -


I planned to be great, stack pape, avoid all loans with bad rates
but lately I been sitting round sending in rebates
finances under the weather, all I been stacking is these letters
from multiple bill collectors and government cheese is never cheddar.
but its all for the better right? disconnecting the cable,
we'll read more and look fashionably lean cause there's less on the table?
nah fuck that, I'm down for taking the power back
and raging against this machine that's breaking the back of the common man
so with bomb in hand, i stroll right up to the house of Obama with David lama and
vulgar and fresh a diddle, cause the answer to the riddle
is that we're just a few of the many who learned to get a lot from a little


I vote left of middle because the Right is too damn expensive
I can't afford to support a campaign that's at best, inventive.
Sure, no matter how you bend it, elected officials thrive in shade
where truths blend in with shadows and lies are blind to shame.
2008 was a "Time for Change" and I have to say I felt inspired
enough to rock an Obama frock until violence transpired.
See, in the South, Dr. Kings dreams are often called socialist
so it makes sense that the tea party misreads the leaves in Obama's fist.
The truth is, no matter the list that your name is affiliated with,
the other side will die to define their piety with a humiliating twist.
And the Media's officiating this...our nation unravels at ten,
tune in to see the spin put on death of civility and hope -- again.

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