The Pick Up Basketball Game of Death

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, March 30, 2014 Under: Rhymed Verses

Yehuda inspected the talent at the local basketball court one afternoon
They were shooting for captains - soon, he knew he'd be smashing through
He was the youngest on the court, at the innocent age of eleven
Every time he played, they would mention his top speeds & graceful ascension
He stole balls like there was no tomorrow but he had an awful shot
At times, he masterminded so many robberies on the court, they called the cops
The usual suspects were present that day... Nate, Rob, Nigel and Ben
Some preferred to play in the paint, others were shooters like Michael & Tim
and Keyon always seemed to be blocking shots at the height of the rim
J.D. on the sidelines, bragging about his jumpshot & how many fights he'd been in
Yehuda made the first three pointer, then picked four of his friends
only four players left - not enough for full court, the ranks abnormally thin
Before considering running 4's, a man on a bike pedaled in view
A skinny, gangly latino man wearing pants & wool sweater, hues of reddish & blue
Clearly, his choice in basketball gear was perceived as a terrible move
"Hey, wanna run a full court with us? We need one," Ben asked him
He said "Sure. I'll bring the heat," confident he was the next Haslem
His demeanor was sketchy - he kept nervously twitching, didn't seem too athletic
but he played surprisingly better than his shabby appearance suggested
Yehuda was soon panting for breath, so competitive, he'd come to win
To everyone's shock, the man took off for a rebound & slam dunked it in!
At that point, his friends were going crazy, the air filled with riotous "OOHHHH's"
until the man moved like a ghost, took out two knives and slashed five of their throats
J.D and Nigel dropped to their knees, blood spurting onto Adidas tees vehemently
Their adam's apples resting on the freethrow line - chaos overtook the scenery
The man started spinning around the court like the plague, faster than a sandstorm is
Two more of his buddies dropped from fatal throat wounds - he ran for it
This pick up basketball game turned into a grotesque race, Yehuda bolted for blocks
So exhausted he was voiceless, but didn't want a hole in his box
"Get away from meeee!" he screamed to the man who had no problem pursuing
Thoughts entered his mind - his childhood friends were slain, all of it ruined
He was running towards the nearest police station but it was still miles away
so he grabbed an empty beer bottle, broke it in half,
then swiveled around to the man's maniacal face...
It wasn't much of a duel, the man overpowered the kid but didn't sap him of life
cause he resolved to only hitting the helpless Yehuda with the back of his knife
"Why are you doing this?! LEAVE ME ALONE!" came his frightened jeering
The man replied calmly, "You have been chosen, boy. I like your fighting spirit."
He knocked Yehuda unconscious with a swift blow, carried him back to his un-sinister bike
hoisted his body atop the handlebars and pedaled away into the night


Hello, this is Yehuda writing -
turns out the man was an assassin in need of a student
The head curator of an elite criminal syndicate's evening recruitments
I was kidnapped & trained resiliently in knife combat, guided by their villainous creed
taught by masters to recognize candidates with ridiculous agility & physical speed
Never underestimate the player without the right shoes at the court by the train tracks
It could be your sons next - this game of death NEVER has takebacks..

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