Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, February 11, 2012


The outpost, the watchtower, government headquarters
Assembly line supervisors in charge of moving the dead forward
Enslaving millions, tortured into mindless worker bees
Converting civilians to drones through murder and assorted deeds
Our world is bleak, forest depletion soared and increased
Reaching a sordid feat of never again turning over a new leaf
Mother Earth, brutally raped and desecrated for greed
With acid rain now cascading off her excavated debris
The last remaining survivors after years of violent battles
Confined in scattered mining caverns left to hide in shadows
A rebellion is born, formed to repair flawed appointed laws
Man, woman or child: bear arms, squad up and join the cause
Stand your ground, fight and die a hero highly decorated
Or retreat a coward to a life unfurnished, despised and hated
Frustrated we march with the aim of attaining freedom
Equipped for cleaning the demeaning stains of a nations treason
Taking back what's rightfully ours with the wretched falling
To the familiar sound of shots ringing, signaling Death is calling
First wave of course a chorus of brave encouraged to slay
Remorseless, an enforced rage brewed in Oppression's cauldron
Blood splatters the battle path, martyrs demanding honor
Shepard’s without souls now leading innocent lambs to slaughter
Gladiators forged from the unfortunate seeds of anguish
War the chosen dialect, soldiers fluently speak the language
It's do or die, it's the last dance, it's all or nothing
It's you and I, it's our last chance to dissolve corruption
Underdogs against the odds throwing caution to the wind
Throwing rocks and Molotov cocktail bomb concoctions to avenge
The injustices imposed on us by malicious, dishonest men
And even the score, to reach a reward promised to abolish sins
Of those who turned a blind eye and wouldn't respond to crimes
So consider my life now my signature I'm willing to put it on the line
Defending peers, the end is near on the eve of Armageddon
Shedding tears from remembered years of grief in the harshest settings
Marching on the same soil soon to be where our graves belong
Nostril hairs singed by air mixed with Victory’s fragrance of napalm
STRONGARM with The Brotherhood, fighting tooth and nail
Survivalist guiding ruthless troops into battle until the truth prevails
In the hopes of restoring back humanity by necessary means
Our destiny, human bones on display: JUST REMAINS TO BE SEEN

i hear beats with a bounce each as they pound
my head in the sky, my feet on the ground
alienated speech can be found if you seek out the sound
i'm not coming home this time as i speed past the mound
i can see all around me but without vision
i don't doubt the distance i've traveled without decision
from this seed sprouts ambition
above puissants and minions, just listen
my mind on a mission and the stars as my guide
i see through pain like there were scars on my eyes
past mars and the skies, where you cant go with cars as your ride
i'm in the mountainous region that acts as towers of peaks in
the heads of all powerless heathens with their cowardice seepin'
through the void of their skulls, scattered between asteroids and seagulls
we're not even people, but organisms just one with the earth
come till it hurts, that's how mothers can give birth
then plunge to this death wasteland of guns at their worst
firing off wishes like fire so that it hits you, inspired
like fitted attire, i am alive but just barely
treated unfairly although those who arent are just rarities
and there's an airleak, i wont last too long
but i flirt with death like don juan and i am no astronaut
space is like sex but rather than hitting it you go past the spot
i just blast distraught feelings whether they go by fast or not
that's the spot, leave it here like penumbra
as proof that i was once the alien amongst the tundra
and i shout loads of foreign words like a mouse chokes
on the realization of his size in the outpost

Pipelines get grease while we grease pipes
And pipe lines to fiends, tykes and like minds it seems
the timeline of dreams will find time through scenes
of blind crime to the cleanest bright skies and these
beings whose sight is sidelined yet deep
in tequila lime nites will sign on any line to hang
like Hussein with the chains that rove in the range
Through a range of bright lights it brings
Me to the thoughts that deem caped crusaders
Could never face a favor only taste the flavor
Of the dirt that’s immerged and burdens my gators
I purchased the framework fuck furniture ain’t there
Greater ways to make your pay offer a stay
For relaxation without being dormant in brains
How about cornering greys and offering light
Or adorning your days with more then just highs
Apportion your drive between heart and mind
Get your sandpaper out before you start your grind
Cuz the streets are rough but respect is hard to come by
So get dumb fly if that’s how you want life
But sometimes you’ll need then bullets in a gun fight
And remember cash is just cash, make sure your clout grows
Keep everything in house and watch for the outpost

space ships move thru hyperkinetic advancement
space kids with cybernetic enhancement
and now a days seems its either daily or weekly
that someone discovers a new alien species
antennas claws tentacles and crazier forms
whodve thought octopussy was also an alien porn
and for society its important to mention
the first interspecies zero g sporting convention
a thousand planets flags held the court in attention
and gave us just a moment for ignoring the tension
weve fought hundreds of wars on thousands of planets
mostly because the director of housing demands it
prior inhabitants were ignoring their pain
humans need this planet terraform the terrain
the last decade eco spendings doubled alone
were past the bubbles and domes your grandmothers have known
no wonder why the trouble has grown
how many planets been reduced to just rubble and stone
and were out on the edge where they commence the attacks is
we sit on the axis of intergalactics
the nexus where nebulae connect in the heavens sky
and enemies are coming but we can never let em by
cuz worm hole traveling became a reality
so these black holes place us where the forces are rallying
we live where the path of least resistance is
least police assistance is leased existences
day by day we face a scene
full of space marines and laser beams
where sentient slugs suck youth lifetime leechers
insectoid creatures with hive mind features
and our sentries tell us that they called the swarm
battle stations its a call to arms
here its not quite a living its just survival
now everybody grab your disruptor rifle
and our resources include cryogenicals
to combat sick tactics of vile generals
so we can freeze the victims of biochemicals
til weve aquired the cures required minerals
their plan is taking earth they must be stopped tonight
pilots formation zerg squadron strike
they got the numbers surprise is our chance in the fight
the Terran cavalry advances with lances of light
were facing waves of the latest phasor attack ships
but we raised the stakes when we created our flagship
massive scale hermes class codename the messengers
cuz theyll get the message when it gets some revenge for us

The outpost, the sunrise, unleash the sky weapon
Freewill to climb Everest in 5 seconds, lemon lime lettuce
Lines of empirical soldiers, architectural melon and sage
Atmospheric pressure to keep the area free from peril for days
Behold the caravans loaded with shocker troopers
Astronaut picnic: swamp liquid by the water cooler
At the coastal battlefield, State of the Union units rise
Unified tower over the moonscape, we've been praying for dawn
Garbage Drop off planet - same day, gave birth to megaladon
Bringing the revolution to rainforest regions never explored
The final frontier, enemy troop's boot imprints fester the shores
Descend into rebel status, each blade of grass a weapon of war
Leaving settlements scourged until our settles are scored
The patrol crew, like you've never met us before.
Sacrifice a newborn baby star and taste the meat
The outpost, storm shelter, the place to be
Canal system terrain there's a scavenger beyond the border
Launch the horde, there's nothing worth fighting for
- Who will defend the water source?
Scorched meadows blacken the ripened cyprus
And the snowstorm forcefield overtakes the fighter pilot
Beneath the undergrowth stands a little girl, lily breadth pads
Village uprisal for airplane food - who ordered the jet lag?
Baggage overload - to survive we must discard
Our belongings, longing to move towards the tower of mud and straw
Yeah, we've come this far,
But not far enough beyond the global scale of the hundredth star
Neutral area: Our living quarters, nest sap
When I lay to rest on layers of wet grass
Only a true being could comprehend the taste of the summit
Skydiving gear beyond repair - brace for the plummet
The universal cycle, the reason that no snowflake is the same
Plateau waterfall location, awaiting the rain
Long live the last platoon withstanding the silver nitrite afternoon
Hostile ocean environment, Commander, I'd like a raft for two
What will you do when the starving refugee patrol craft asks for food?
We all live by the skyline -
Decide why we decide to breathe at night
Cheat the system and survive through the coastal evening flight.
Deep in space 9, stay by, stand by for further assistance
We're all just guardian soldiers revolving around the urban religion
We are the atmosphere, contact once in every rare case
Aboard the supernova celestial transport, can you feel the airwave?
Let's make a metamorphosis fast break for the gatekeeper, take freedom,
One late season we explore the curious nature of the lake creature
Look both ways, cold vein, before you run in the road
THE OUTPOST - Leaders of the winter coalition shoveling snow
The reason why a bee dies after it's stinger releases
Die for the cause, fight for the war over philosophic mercury sheets -
And summon circular nebulas to pick up the pieces.
Lithium eagle strike over the wetlands, mango coveting ripe
Airborne humans, one way or another, we're all in hovering flight
Without the watchtower's existence we would cease to exist
The stone built rope bridge would careen from the cliff
Sending the next generation of colonized humans to the beast of the pit
7th element encapsulated into the dampened base of a skull
THE DOCKS - On the watch for the warship beam gravitational pull
Future distilled for the remainder of century 5, let the energy vibe steadily glide
And march for a purpose with spherical spears toward the enemy tribes.

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