"The Double Helix"

Posted by Erik Moshe on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 Under: Rhymed Verses

Can you believe this schtick?!
Becoming integrated with the GOLOV Software had beleaguered the precinct
Trevor was flown to the Cambridge Technical Institute for procedural briefings
Dehumanization was tough - the process seemed complicated enough
to take a storm trooper and place him in flux; without the uninhibited oscillation of guts
Army administration agencies bugged trainee's brains with neurological sensors
If their bodily temperature was off, they read: "INOPERABLE: enter physiological member"
Trevor could hardly remember the contractual obligations, sat in his seat
The cold steel of the synaptic-marine-diaphragm did nothing to curb his chattering teeth
He was told he was chosen to be a test subject; there were an average of three
The galaxy raffle was deep - he lackadaisically replied "Not like it matters to me."
This savage regime had already surrounded him with seven lifetimes of battle debris
The virtual database fastened his genes - robotic castrators stabbed in his cheeks
Yet in his mind, the throes of havoc were peace - stress levels were rather relieved
His widow's peak revealed a plastic physique, the artificial atoms conceived
...fortunately left his body in tact for the evening, they slurred all the facts
swarmed upon him with girders & straps, a brand was burnt on his back
His vertebrate snapped; beyond the glass, observing surgeons & reservists would clap
The pressures of DNA alteration were painful; they even mechanized his urinal tract
if he had acquired anything, it was the immortality that Copernicus lacked
Many futurists and technological purists were alarmed at all the bad reports
concerning how test subjects ended up as museum exhibits and as lab d├ęcor
Trevor's consciousness was captured, this was last resort - he'd lay in freezers
Acclimation made him grey and weaker...
He was the product of the Army's own "Create Your Own Player" feature
Life wasn't in limbo, it was split into ten modes -
His remaining senses told him to let go but he was an efficient, killing machismo
Molecular adjustments had infiltrated combat, it infringed on his thin soul
All of a sudden, the central console froze up -
In the darkness, cognitive eruptions, morsels of being were debased & stretched
The chief of staff even tried to pacify his H.M.S. - "Please, Major...rest."
but by tampering with his DNA, he hadn't a strand of patience left
An eerie silence prefaced stages that would have him in a cybernetic matrix
The prolonging of life had uncomfortable consequences: "Cryogenic stasis..."

The holy bible he'd been reading started getting frosty; a snowy Ecclesiastes
Dendrites became foundries and light medians...the effects brutal, but quite genius
GOLOV took Trevor, like many unaware troopers, into perpetual war zones
To be condemned as luminescent ortho's... forced into rows of torsos
Soldiering on in an endless galactic death camp - veteran virtuosos

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