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I think there’s heaven for the Buddhist, G, and the Christian
Listen, There’s no science behind it all we just transition
How the Afterlife looks to US depends on our belief of it
While the galaxy moves in its rotation just try to think a bit
No disrespect but why do you think that we're all disconnected?
Don’t we all have the same thoughts during our introspection?
Not the exact same but it all comes from the origin
In my afterlife, there’s starry scenes with flybys of aborted kids
Ghosts that I can feel and have conversations with
‘Bout when I stole candy when I was 7 to just askin’ who made this shit
There’s no time in this world there’s just Completion’s model
Terrorists killed themselves in suicides to just be labeled – Eden’s lost souls
They got their 22 virgins and the wettest dreams they could ever have
I ain’t sayin’ they less then me BUT really, where’s the freedom?
I wish I could just work the mezzanine to suppress the fragments
There’s children caught in this world, crying wondering where their dad is
Stressed in school but there Teacher wanna call them bad kids
But they just like you, stuck in flowing rivers of scattered ether
Old Alcoholics have games like “Who can pass out the fastest?”
We gotta to become free from attachments its way far from abandonment… I call it Freedom.

a world of clocks, we live in Pandora's box
horrors locked in the aura's gloss
the hour glass of which the Torah talks
Tora, Tora, Tora..plot, the war will stop.
rural spots on the earth form the rocks in the dearth of the mind
an envious emptiness which surges through time
infectious temptress, its jealous nature fervidly climbs
above its stellar savour it murders tree vines,
this impurity finds itself ignoring urgency signs
till it reaches the skies, heat on the rise
800 degrees of demise, and its chilling noise
filling voids the size of pious and a million Troys
one human eye zoomed in to the ruined lives of the green rock
lumens try to redeem lost sight from their bruised lens
but it soon ends, and after that last viewing, the ring stops
snafuing a slingshot of life into its utmost quiet
traveling up those skies with cut throat pirates, bound to their quest
soon surrounded in reds,
different shades of pigment graves found in the spread
its amounts to a mesh of sounds, air and flesh
but even those break down into compounds of the stretch
swampgrounds - bloods and sweats from thousands of deaths
the mountains we trek, made of the same countlessness kept
in its own Roman wrecks of broken necks that choked in midbreath
while God is Shogun's mistress, the Centresphere, her magenta layer
the opened lid lets in men who fear her genitalia
the vessel we thought we'd been born with,
leaves our bodily form this frozen drone, inside a resentful jailor,
the Sensual Saviour with her menstrual anger,
..we're going home to be alone with our mental failures, the end is here
with no more contempt for our Maker,
we're EXEMPT FROM THE NATURE, headed for the Centresphere.

Blessed be the day I am embraced with the center sphere.
Lived a man drowned from inebriation and inequity.
Drifting mentally to a place that God sent for me.
The centersphere chemically a hot mess spiritual progress to be continued
At the next venue, dilute anatomical structures back to the earth.
Mother is in dire need for replenishment. Love is helping heal those you hurt
Money matters and vague material discrepancy refabricate into isotopes of creation
Made men, composed of adolescent curiosity, teenage bravery, and adult instinct
The resourcefulness of poverty, rich charisma, and mental feats
Similar to a band of brothers, more so angels in fate.
Locked my body mentally im the pinnacle at the gates
Completion of the elements liquid to solid solid to gas
Maybe there is more to it and I shouldn’t move so fast
Jah verses Allah Jesus verses the Holy Ghost,
Who do you believe in? centersphere a sess pool of misquotes.
And misinterpreted spiritual proverb,
Love is the opportunity to make right on incorrect anecdotes,
Or a useless emotion preyed on by the heartless,
The meaning behind reap what you sow, and sleeping in the bed you made,
Getting out what you put in, you had that coming your way,
The balancing scale of all mortality, til Judgement Day

My theory is, everybody dies at 11:11
Whether or not we're sent to the heavens for being true to the eleventh
commandment -
is another matter, what about the death of any other matter?
Under microscopes, why do some cells multiply and others scatter?
After we die, do our eyes still see beneath the under caverns?
The cold world vaporizes as my body leaves this ruined Earth
These are the questions that bind us, define us as human beings
Life is the silent trickle of fluids streaming -
Death is the vilest truth concealing leviathan, rootless, fleeting
It brings demise to the youthful seedlings -
Dead babies, still irises, pupils seeping
Death is the end of everything, a tranquilized leopard
In the mere range of language where vanquish lies tethered
Death is the wingless pigeon, the diminish of Earth
Our maker will probably strike down before I finish this verse
Egyptians believed that within dragon hoards they'd be reborn into the valley of kings
In my afterlife, there would be my soul mate, my children, valleys and springs
Yet it doesn't matter what we think when death comes calling
One father raised his arms to the sky at the sight of his dead son falling
To understand, one must begin living with the scent
The end of the beginning is the beginning of the end
of the beginning,
of the end,
of what we've come to know as life.

Burning flesh hints at years of careless ruin
Clouding over the ozone leaving our air consumed
By Death's cologne, smell it..? The scent still looms
As endless souls get moved closer to impending doom
The movement's proof the use of protection's moot
Surveying decaying lands dressed in inspection suits
Avoid infection and toiling with the poison of oppressions roots
The lesson: ask questions second FIRST let your weapons shoot
We're born dying, we mourn with a moment of silence
Then transform into mindless hordes focused on violence
Start chiseling epitaphs for our tombstones in script
It's Science: the grass is always greener when it's grown in shit
Adrenaline swirls as humans face multiple menaces hurled
But don't fret Armageddon, it's not like it's the end of the world
It's the beginning..
of a predetermined mission to journey to the Centersphere
Where energy fields seer away everything we've ever feared
Receiving answers to question we've whispered into Heavens ears
Through prayers for endless years, time to meet who sent us here
Embrace reincarnation and the safe haven it's laid
Have faith.. worst case:
You return as that insect your relative's spraying with Raid
Are we enslaved to careless strife..? Is it perilous or paradise..?
In Misery's company paralyzed by life's various vicarious parasites
We're losing steam, time to regroup for a do-over
This Matrix needs a system clean, reboot and new coders
Remove the weight from abused shoulders, living in sin
The end of the beginning is the beginning of the end
of the beginning..
of the end..
of what we once knew as life.

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