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SURVIVAL GUIDE Vol. 1 - Vulgar

Struggle to survive, keep to the jungle ground floor
Alone in the warzone - run home in the downpour
Adapt to the environment, wildfire spectrum, lay in the heat
Follow the water source, arrive at the end of the rubble
And before you return to your daily life - REMEMBER THE STRUGGLE.
Join an environmental organization, climb a mountain again
REASON TO LIVE - Little black girl going down with the ship
Engage in stargazing philosophy, become a rebel again
Everytime I look at the clock it's 11:11
Natural selections begin with genocide when carcasses breathe
Place the insect back into the bark of a tree, lost at Antartican sea
Trek through the desert wasteland, want to aim for that?
Would you eat your OWN BROTHER if it came to that?
Explore the physical world of human bodies and bodies of water,
In the future, take charge of the evergreen army colossus
Choices in life construct who we are - an enlightened iguana
0.2 seconds later and we arrive at the flight of the fossils
Baggage overload - to survive we must discard
Our belongings, longing to move towards the tower of mud and straw
Self preservation, let this be your guidance at the summit of frost
After the storm at the top of the cycle, I am one with the swamp
The tornado formulating over open grasslands.
The hurricane,
The jungle, walls have been fortified
Who am I?
He, the controller of wasps that summons the hordes of flies
Something awakens inside - looking through my future daughter's eyes
Earth's own artist, while the children are starving,
Think you suffer cause you shower with cold water?
Dissect nature's simplicity, the white and the green
One caterpillar's escape route on the North side of the leaf
"The last descendants of man unite with the entourage of gnats and insects"

Don't save Darfur
Save the whales,

Save yourself.



Natural progression, claw your way up another inch
Build a body of work without the use of supplements
Avoid steroids, rather accept massive exhaustion
A matter of caution, paranoid: cremate and scatter the coffin
Dust in the wind, celebrate with cocaine dusting the win
Emulate it's slow pain then slowly pattern the toxin
A function of sin, in tandem vandalize in a phantom guise
Be a full fledged samurai standing by duel edge battle knives
Analyze and pattern designs of ancient wonders
Multiply your personalities, gain strength in numbers
Invent more sentences utilizing your intelligence
Read between the lines define and find your relevance
Write Ether that'll excite readers spying the lines
Then ignite speakers, mics and tweeters reciting the rhymes
You can't rush perfection, initiate a plan b
Eliminate the fantasy and gradually reinvent a strategy
Based in the real world with precise insight
Relax, drink some lemonade on ice with a slice of life
Worst case scenario: your birth place is terrible
Village filled with famine and contaminated perishables
Stock up on drum samples, the rhythm never wilts
Animosity is the only thing constructive criticism ever built
Look deeper, never judge a book by it's cover
Focus on the crime, never judge a crook by his blunders
Discover and achieve in flight, believe the hype
Disagree with gravity exceed unreachable heights
The second coming of Christ, missiles strike surface to air
In a race for life who wins, decide: the tortoise or hare..?
Who gives a fuck.!? If you survive certain despair
Eat both for dinner on sight, without a portion to spare
Enough tears and what not, you must not fear
Slaughter and sacrifice a male deer, the buck stops here
Kill a bear bare handed, stomp a puma in puma shoes
Be a cosmonaut with cause to stalk using lunar moves
Pursue prey when the moon looms, intercept and violate
The ominous black Monolith igniting intellect in primates
Vulgar & STRONGARM: to date, who's feared more..?
Appetite for destruction, wet the palette with nuclear war
The view: clear shores in sight with enlightened waves
Survival Guide: these words could save your life one day

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