"Pineal Gland Pie"

Posted by Erik Moshe on Thursday, September 5, 2013 Under: Poetry

Young lithium generations
treat budding contra-bandoliers like vanilla cake
They march like impala through rustic heartlands
with biometric pacemakers - the voices of toddlers
act as chakras
octopi in deserts shout ‘influenza!’ from the inlands
Madagascar melts,
under pressure, a titanic library overlooks the boilers
Alexandria, but better known as Allegra
is dampened. Her stores of energy are iotas
A playground at recess
features Bridget, omnivore sidekicks, Icarus
They emit prehistoric grunts as she walks
then boys in the sandstone shanty
upload hieroglyphs, because ancient glyphs are “good”
These alkaline bark brothers in arms chew on cicada kebabs
They eat their veggies too, for nuclear blast nutrition
childhood collides with madness
kaleidoscopes poke out of mouths like popsicle sticks
or thermometers that detect human nature’s feverish
Earth is turned holographic in Townsbend
Did anyone notice
Pee Wee Herman’s letter of resignation
floating on the sea like a merchant's vessel?

“Kids do the darnest things,” said Betty White,
hands on her hips before she jumped 80 feet into the air
landed, then her throat detached -
out flew a toy drone!
an accessory hidden in the neck until activation
Technology will change things, except
for those bright baseball mornings, or discussions
of the third eye at a town tribune by a forest
Surveillance isn’t what the city’s aboriginal architect
had in mind. old ladies laugh, and dead grasshoppers leap
from digital coloring book pages

Elders in an orange landscape
scatter chop suey well wishes in the widgets of the day to day
“Why Richard the Ironheart fell in love but couldn’t close the deal
because he was missing a heartwarming alloy in his extremities…
Heed these words. Let them help you watch “Progress”
Not watch others exclusively from behind the oven door

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