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What comes next is the summer glow
And why roots only spread when they're planted in the undergrowth
The universe circulating, I'll search in sight of
Observe from my space and begin to process the word survival
Read this information - what it contains, I'm running in search of
The end of everything, because certainly there is an end to everything
But nothing is certain.
3rd time around, you've got the hang of an individual person
Take no sides, no prisoners, no women or children
Barefoot, no suede or Tims, the hurricane came and went
The place where boots gather to discuss places where they have been
Machine regimes don't judge humans, breath, or take appearance
What's left is daylight, an outdoor cafe and tank surveillance
According to the last legend it's only a horde
So call me scarface, but it won't get you a Tony award
Get the image: Are stones really precious -
When your alone in the trenches?
Control at all 12 fingertips, what you thinking negative for?
It's World War negative four, and I'm dragging the torch
Rebel zone flags to dispose, wash em' out we'll own the town
You can't define freedom, and hold it down.
They're raising the cost, I'm clean cut like razors and gauze
It's the conductor raising his arms -
As the baby is born.

Vulgar, The Jungle Leader with 24 Dreads
STRONGARM, Juggles Cleavers with 24 Heads
The 2 #1 Reasons for Sweaty Foreheads,
Our Recipe: S & V with Cheap AK's Inside the SUV

Bulletproof at the Bar taking Shots wit No Effect
Stark Alcoholic under the Iron Man Facade I'm a Hopeless Wreck
Hollow Shells of Sentences Having no Emphasis left
Now Seeking the Solace of Black Holes to Share my Emptiness With
Inadvertently Found Life’s Purpose while Searching for My Soul
Yet Still Perplexed by the Mystery of Locating My Missing Remote Control 
Wildly Inventive wit every Style Invented
Traveling Vast Distances wit my Mind by Thinking a Mile a Minute
Reached my Boiling Point now Awesomely Building Steam
Intoxicated by Wishes that Populate a Popular Poppy Field of Dreams
Barely Coherent Confessions left Rarely Apparent Impressions
On so many now my Status as Legendary’s Legendary Amongst Legends
Played the Cards Dealt by Fate same as you, just Better Schooled
Taught to Palm Aces the Day I learned the Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled
Undeniably, Life is the Greatest Illusion of Pain
An Addict taking My Drug Habit for Granite guaranteeing what I Shoot Up’s In Vein
Unfortunate when the Best out of a Person comes out of Abortion
Still an Amateur Developer...
So every Snap Shot of My Life’s totally Blown out of Proportion
Invested in Swear Jars for Mutes but the Profit Gains were Shorter
Attribute Bad Decisions to My Guardian Angel being Served a Restraining Order
Caterpillar Cocoons a Cuisine Oddity I tried and loved it,
Now Nervous at the thought of them Hatching Inside wit Butterflies in my Stomach
If nothing else take my Advice and Remember to Remember This
Avoid Intellects at All Costs...
Because Paying to Hear their Thoughts will ultimately Leave You Penniless..! 

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