(life’s a turbulent dream where men of peace resort to combat aviation)

Posted by Erik Moshe on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 Under: Poetry

(life’s a turbulent dream where men of peace resort to combat aviation.)

He wrote his life scripts with rigamortis rage

Few men ever wrote as fast and intensely as he did

He was lord over whatever would become of him


1. Refuse bondage.

2. Try your hand at becoming a kind king.

3. Sympathize with the poor and the unfortunate.

4. Live a meaningful life.

5. Enjoy women.

6. Leave it all in the world. Leave nothing for an afterlife scenario.

7. Be a workhorse or get trampled.

8. Deluge Inns of Grand Ore aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but get in touch with nature as well. Naturally derived motives and a lifestyle built from the ground up makes for a stronghold.

9. It is within your control to determine whether or not the waters within your body are shark infested. As each drop of blood enters your heart, there should be frenzy.

10. Fatigue should be embraced as an old friend. Reacquainting must be done, or you’ll be distanced.

Make every micromolecule of desire, drive and mature devotion count. Write like there is no one equal to you, then write some more.


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