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In my hoody sweating a feverish tone, background of white, beekeepers and swarms
It's all one big monkey business, the street is my home
Interpret it how you want to, you've been believing this long
One teahouse apartment building the Cheech and the Chong
One step and my kneebones creaking, feed the feeble at dawn
Skin is peeling my palms are bleeding, falling off the mezzanine, the crystal beam key to the bomb, Thenstead of discussing where your people are from
Suck up the moisture that exudes in droplets as its leaving your tongue
To put it plainly - my plan is to grow plantains on this plantation
Plan B: Lychee and Longan, I login and move to Plan C
Yea, baby do that dance - I thought that quarter resigned you
This the special stock from the forest inside you
from the Congo, your condos mortage is liable
The force of the tide when it's tossing around you
You must be feeling powerful with that armada behind you
Chincheck Chiquita, Hurricane Shaniqua on her way it's the cyclone Diva, Hawaiian Mayan lying with the cheetahs snacking on the universal yellow, with a very orange fellow, sideburns and all, That's the mark of nature when the curtain calls, It's your Plant-man-beast with a team of lantern-makers heading for the Berlin wall
Request help with lifting your bedcot down from the city lockdown
Dirt at the corner of your mouth now, we need to try a different route
Peach fuzz tailored suit, funky fitness, and I keep in shape sweetness in tact
Go up to the mic like "Would you like a bag of peanuts with that?"
Extract the calcium from your bones, and start mashin' em in a bowl of warm water
Recipe: Sweat, blood, and potassium - Mastadon masters and last but not least
Cast the 5 feet forward and back to back with a Guazi horde
Spears, fruit baskets, new cargo, why'd you bring up Ghandi for?
We've been dancing in our pajamas ever since the dinosaurs
Snap it's center, sink into the meal when I'm feeling the rhythm
Eat to the core of the hunter villager system
World consumers, take another couple to finish
Money, power respect - this is just the beginning.

It starts wit a tremble, disaster's fate is dispatched,
Sparking more Sparring matches wit Kendo Masters than you could Shake a Stick At..!
The Next Wave of Terrorism manifested in lethal distain,
Unleashing an Airborne Virus Throwing AIDS Infected people from Planes..!
Monkey Militia battling battalions of soldiers and anarchists,
Murdering Pacifists armed wit Coconut Guns and Banana Clips..!
Triple Threat wit a Trident Me and Violence formed a common bond,
My newest persona The Night Stalker Slipping Into Darkness wit no Condom On..!
The King in Platinum Thrones Speaking in Adamant Tones,
Adorned in Armor Mesh on Top of Flesh Atop of Adamantium Bones..!
A Star Gazer in Flight wit Hard Labor in Sight,
Unyielding Wielding Darth Vader’s Light Saber in Fights..!
The Product of Animal Testing gone Terribly Wrong,
Who at 5 O'clock on the dot casts a Shadow wit 5 O’clock Shadow
Then is apparently gone..!
In less than a Hundred Movements,
My Bushido is Placebo Filled Needles, Take a Shot there's Nothing To It..!
Enter My Mind a Second,
I propose giving Alzheimer Patients World Trade Center Wreckage
So in case of Emergencies they Never Forget 9/11..!
Ate Mary Magdalene’s Pussy for Jesus Igniting the Oldest Tale,
For Christ’s Sake Strong's Tasted the Blessed Juices of the Holy Grail..!
Remembering fast nights from another past life,
Leaving Ladies Faces Glowing after Sex When viewed under Black Light..!
Got a Need for Speed and a Ride wit Specs that Fit,
Hitting Corners Leaving Racers in the Dust unable to Catch My Drift..!
Chasing the Unexplained a natural aspirer,
Had a BIGFOOT Sighting at a Monster Truck Rally
Took Pics for The National Enquirer..!
Moonlight Vigilante wit a Licensed Hype,
On a 2Player High Warping Luigi Vanishing Green Sprites in Pipes..!
Effortless stints in Senseless Acts,
Borrow Money from Pessimists since They NEVER Expect It Back..!
Science Jargon Tales Riding up the Hardest Trails,
Finally Gave up Fast Food for good for a Slower Diet of Garden Snails..!
STRONGARM a Novelist in an Ominous Skull Tribe,
That Can't See the Bright Side of Life, So Fuck It We Just Polish the Dull Side..!

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