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Daily rituals,
The feeling when you're getting up
Jungle fever, if it bleeds it's worth ridding of,
Slowly, smoldering, inching up the upholstery
How can you not catch the revolution?
First of all, you've been looking this long
Self defense isn't murder, so don't look at me wrong.
A black cat walked past and superstition collapsed the gutter
Inhale the words through one nostril, your words go out the other
Escaban Taliban Alkatraz madness, bamboo cabbage tattoo bandage
Which means?
The cure to world hunger somewhere in my bathroom cabinet
They write books, tell stories, legends, about the level I be on,
dumb and dumber with another ER.
Take it to another eon!
Bed, bath, and beyond blood baths, we can take a trip to the drug lab
There's a difference in the water, I sensed it at first
Closest you've come to hard labor was rubbing your hands in the dirt
Who knew saliva was flavorless, the rate is increasing
I'll confuse you like it's opposite day and you're decent
Tried to question the leader, now your bosom stings
Serves you right for tryna crouch in the sand with those puppet strings
Your concept is no longer in service where's that innocence plea
Chinese food flying boat - we deliver for free!
Science fiction is the 2 word couplet you can't define
2 steps away from paradise when your fortune cookie reads "Prepare to die"
A landmass civilian who can't decide
Rich man status,
No child behind to leave no man alive.
Think anybody will notice? It's barely audible, barely possible
The only thing to do is to talk slower
Some feel like they have a place, a job sort of
Brush that planetary dust off your shoulders and walk forward
Forget enlightment - I'll send a sabertooth gutpunch to the farthest turf
All I need is a food ration -

Over extension,
The story of my life written in permanent ink
Every encountered person distinct, every occurrence a link.
Set in motion at moments beyond settings of settling oceans,
Forgetting emotions that I’ve
Long since suppressed in explosions of self loathing.
5 seconds to blast off... strap yourselves in,
Rocket thrusters malfunction
Turning astronauts with Hennessy into X-O Skeletons..! 
Astronomy buff in shape discovering the stars purpose,
Maintaining weight in space
Using the big dipper to sip slivers of mars surface.
Communicating in common communions commuting,
Through the super information highway
Speeding in broadband computing..!
Prepared for dinner...
Performing alien autopsies delicately,
Obtaining the finest ingredients for out of this world delicacies..!
Imagining imaginary images of scrimmages
In vastly scattered villages between indigenes and iron clad militants.
Wit the keys to victory... no wait,
Those are the keys to success,
A mistake I often make when fumbling through the keys I possess..!
My phonics.!? briskly
Whisked away in sips of Seagram’s and tonic mixed,
Awakened to a wake of sonic fists relieving plate tectonic shifts.
Strong's clocked in with an enlightened mind,
Man of the hour who fathered a son in minutes
While my wife’s now pregnant carrying our second child, signs of the time..!
Incorrigible when encouraging the cores of courageous,
The newest extinct bird: high paying jobs
Since it’s rare now to encounter any soaring wages..!
Wish I was, but I wasn't distant from memories of gunplay,
Committing mass murder slaughtering church assemblies on sunday..!
This hunger consumes me, fills me, as a sumptuous curse
A snack would suffice -

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