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1,035, the year to remember
The first signs of manhood had nearly developed
Original coordinate, and that's only a part of it
On the getaway with the terrestrial taxi driver with African origin
Naturally, the thicker the fume a particular mood
The use of streams and landforms, lose power at the peak of a tune
Only one peek, it keeps on missing while the earlobes drifting
Just another contaminated organism harming the ecosystem
Take the knowledge of what you know today
Imagine every human waste you've ever thrown away
Do you ever ponder the purpose of burying your seed inside
Hold on, go back and read it twice
Stemming rebellions that form the tree of life,
Some live because they feel importance through past remembrance
Traveling around with an entourage of gnats and insects
I'm on that other dimension you can't see me on
Trying to make my mark before I'm shipped off to Greenland..
Naw, cerulean water and the cell wall your leaning on.
It's the last route, the last root
Question is: Can you keep it on?
Vulgar is back.
Set up a lawn chair on the drop zone and relax
Because it all happens,
When goldfish attack!

2,035, remember the year it all ended
Diseases rendered mankind to a species severely surrendered
In need of vengeance as our savior Jesus descended
We flocked out from behind him signaling the greatest magician had returned
As he emerged through smoke and mirrors.. 
With a backdrop of Heaven’s partition as it burned.
Glorious in it’s entirety as a thousand years of fire seized Gods throne
Returning animals and humans alike to mother earth in the form of raw bone
Her perfume the stench of burning bodies sweltering in crucifixion
Unsanitized lives lost in fantasized depictions of the cruelest fictions
Laughing amongst the travesty am I not entitled to amnesty?
From this ghastly, ungodly portrayed apocalyptic masterpiece
With Souls set adrift into exodus without knowing where it’s exit is
I have nothing left to give but an attempt to suggest who lives
And this opus.. long since lost in purgatory
Wit The Devil gloating how his seeds of sin eventually grew to murder glory
I soar atop his pitchfork and fork split tongue spewing
Revitalizing the atmosphere with hope of the sun’s renewing
Rejuvenated by I...
An angel of sorts, who finagled the force
Able to fly high through burning skies along a dangerous course
STRONGARM never left.
Let my presence manifest to soothe and erase plight
Because it all can happen,
When doves take flight!

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