Posted by Erik Moshe on Saturday, February 11, 2012


Avant-garde guardians guarding the Garden of Eden...
STRONGARM & Vulgar, the carbon-based martyr allegiance

Surprised I still have faith thanks to a frightening past
Mouth left with a bad taste: life’s a cycle of siphoning gas
In a heightened rage writing a phrase with murder implied
Riding waves over Poseidon's grave, turning the tide
Give a man a fish: he’ll eat for a day happily
Teach a man to fish: aquatic life faces catastrophe

The base containment of matter is not gradient mastery
We live amongst the war of the trees and wake up safe in the canopy
Then what's left of plant life is ash, there's a taste of humanity
We're two humans that find themselves at the base of humanity
Struggling with the resurrection of half shaven bananas while raising our families
It's not a waste of energy typing these words
Not when it may be a source of guiding light to the Earth

The light that spawns growth and nurtures the land
While Hard labor tells it's story on every workers hands
Outrageous living expenses, facing the last straw
Bills cost an arm and a leg, we pay with a hacksaw
Unwanted life issues..? it's simple here's the answer just listen
SUICIDE: it's the best way to cancel your subscription

Murder your co-worker, it's the best way to advance in your position
Command in the rendition that this is the age of vestige
Not the age of valor, the brotherhood -
Storm collaborants raised together through raging weather

As societies remaining members survive, raised as sheep
Working 9 to 5's, sentenced to life 5 days a week
Harvest in the womb is obsolete -
Now test tubes are used for our new seeds vessel
S & V: resident lifeguards in humanities cesspool

S & V, the bondage exists where the eagle family nestles
Blood amnesty rebels overlooking the fields from the canopy level
It wasn't freewill when we were circumcised
Imagine the chemical brotherhood when it's purified

SUV's, the toxic scapegoat despised as the air's nemesis
Yet houses contain more contaminants in their premises
So a grieving mother's left with the burden and knowledge
Their unborn child expired from keeping the furniture polished
Preventative steps equals a life spent toiling, About as exciting
as watching old paint drying then dying of lead poisoning

If you think the drought has begun you haven't seen the loss of it
You haven't breathed in the steaming carbonate
from the bleeding heathens consummates -
And when there aren't enough gasmasks to go around for everyone
who will be there to free the oxygen?
Preach the meaning to all of us before we meet the evening apocalypse.

"Who shot the hummingbird?" Mozart asked.
And stored it's distilled wings in a cobalt flask

A constant reminder of the moment when all hope passed
Tomorrows broken promises cast into self imposed wraths
Leaving vast amounts of innocents trapped in the Fall Out's path
Ethnic cleansing with a final bath of radioactive clouded gas
Imagine the fate, life erased from the saddest mistake
With the truth buried side by side next to Hazardous Waste
Blackened skies, the trace of unanswered prayers to God
In a permanent state unable to penetrate the layers of smog
Death is certain, embrace the emerging scenes of rapture
Until every soul captured is released to seek for greener pastures


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