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Light of brethren, we all question the right to question -
but never question the growth of the dead descendants bestowed
There's a world beneath, forget what you know.
If the human eye is within a telescope's boundaries
Then the power of electricity is envisioned through a telescope's batteries
The morning dew tells us that we've come ashore it seems
Human cores recede with the arrival of the warship beams
Mortals are born to breathe in continuance to form and teem
Born to lead, born to bleed, born to light the torch decree
Sworn to fight for the source of life in the fourth degree
Surrounded by synchronized movements in synergized blueprints
The lord of heat, it's him and I, underneath the bitter light fusion
It's up to humanity to locate and provide the definition for the inner light
There's a change in the ambience through the evergreen canopy brush
Now, there is nothing where humanity was -
Our home world will end in time, as everything does.
Torchbringer, from this day forth the force singes it's way
Into the conscience, the force in us lost in a lantern
The pulse in the core of the phantom that leads to forcefield expansion
Have you wielded the centersphere and held it for others to see?
Or have you remained singular underneath the rubble beneath?
Left to pass on through into the current generation to cast on through
The bottomfeeders always need something or someone to latch onto
Volunteers to the breach, Mother nature, I will protect her
Using the energy on absorbing the last light from the halogen center
You could provide light to the columns ceptre whether it's karma protector, allah omega
The fall of the sector - why does intolerance fester when we're therapized?
Transmitting meaningless language information into the element of enterprise
Beaconheads, we move over the planet in it's urbanist mass
For our own purposeful tasks - in the healing stage, rebirth in a flash
Want to know the sensation that the terrestrial feels to hold the world in our grasp?
When the dark days are over and we're left to raise our children at last
Never waste the waste water descending through the underchambers
My mother said:
Never run to strangers, hold your own, pray for the thunderbringers
If you search past the heated core, we'll give you a region tour
Something you've never dreamed before
Something you've never seen before - correction:
You'll never see at all careening forward into the tip of the legion's sword.
Beaconheads deploring the patterns through the forests of Saturn
Echelons past the ice age, we've figured out how to orbit the caverns
To glide through the oxygenated hordes of assassins -
This is a movement comprised of torches and hatchlets
Poets and creatures rise and give an ode to the faction
If you desire power you need to know where to cast it
Let's live in remembrance -
Envision assemblage to a village of our own, war torn images condoned
It's not about inspiration and drive, it's about informational guide
To recite the incantation and awaken the tribe
As leaders, this is where communicant persuasion collides
If the population can't choose, let's MAKE THEM DECIDE
Never again, will I be contained from another phase.
When you've been in the trenches you learn to pray where your brother lays
Reborn from the mud and rain -
To embrace the summer blaze as illuminant guardians to the rising sun of day.
Light of brethren, we all question the right to question -
but never question the growth of the dead descendants bestowed
There's a world beneath, forget what you know.
Get back to U.N.I.T.Y.
Expand past rap
Catch the rhythm
Highway bound, timeslaves now
Subjected to the aroma of the nitrate cloud
Home rules: Take off your inhibitions when stepping inside
We're all equal -
And life deteriorates when struggle becomes a measure for pride
The stepping stone for mankind was carried by slaves
Than they were used as paperweights to hold down every chapter and page...
You ever looked at your reflection through falling glass from the sky?
And that same glass hit you in the eye - your just a casualty
What you fail to realize is that life is lost when you become entertained by false reality
The blood leaks from your retina and you say "I'll make it through"
When an explosion emerges from the inner-workings of a smiley face balloon
You can find the cure for AIDS underground - Left of the 4th sewer
Past the bodybag tower and remnants of storm troopers
Beaconheads, meeting for one cause - laying the blueprint
Built with sticks and rummaged stones from the grips of the tempest
from their nightly trips to the 6th heaven where angels reside
Pack your belongings and prepare to set asail to the Aegean isles
And the grounds where mutual complaints can arise
Where every morning it sets it's wings in the place of the skies
Where Atlas is chained and the 2-headed dogs of Hades reside
The blue moon group consisted of heads that lit up the world
And changed 2 lives for every one drip from your curls
Just for the love of it, just for the covenant
And to create the proper breeding ground so your daughter or son can live
These are the days where crushed sand castles shall arise from the ground of the beach
Highway bound, timeslaves now
Subjected to the aroma of the nitrate cloud

Light of brethren, we all question the right to question -
but never question the growth of the dead descendants bestowed
There's a world beneath, forget what you know.


Consider Smog a smoke signal sent to the Heavens for help
Ignorance is bliss until the minute extreme measures are dealt
It's standard to stand for nothing, we're past saving our pride
So every line drawn in the sand gets washed away with the tide
Obsessed with money, blinded by what that paper provides
Creating the next wave of slaves to labor just to pay for supplies
Try and rid the environment of trees, gladly Homo sapiens obliged
Ironic how Death Certificates are printed on our only way to survive
Life’s defined by “fine lines” and man-made divisions, Like..
An exit's the only thing separating Miners from Avalanche victims
More self inflicted prisons, more selfish driven decisions
Leads to an eternity spent in regret once Hell's vision is witnessed
Faced with a fate of maddening torment, Gods chosen atheist
taking Armageddon's stage for an Earth shattering performance
Redemption's impossible, mortals crucified at the crossroads
It's the end game now and the Devil's leveled up into Boss Mode
Concede the gospel, patiently waiting for some glimmer of hope
As the last scattered rays of sun bring the nuclear winters approach
Thrown into a downward spiral now that the light is lost
With nothing to use to guide the next generation of life across
Transition to self preservation, humanity's marvelous at that
In true stalker fashion, adapt and pick our next target to attack
Close encounters of the 5th kind: Travel to distant Alien planets
Terra-form and rob the natural resources after killing its inhabitants
Hands bloodied with a clear conscious, the meaning of villainy
At peace amongst the stars, skinny dipping in the sea of tranquility
Our brothers keepers, but if our brothers ends get deeper
We're besieged with jealousy and turn to venomous creatures
It's who we are as a people, clouded in savagery
Finding happiness only when surrounded by tragedy
Souls controlled by fear, the code: no opponents are spared
It seems the road to salvation's permanently closed for repairs

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