“Olaf the Bear & the Smoldering Sibannac”

Posted by Erik Moshe on Sunday, July 17, 2011 Under: Rhymed Verses

He was a lone hermit, the most earnest, a home furnished
From his work as a gnome surgeon he’d learned from his Lord Turin
An old merchant, rather droll, dervish; solely took solace in soul searches
His moral teachings helped bestow him with a stony composure and purpose
Slippers on his feet, comfy, as a small pile of oaks burned in a coal furnace
Headed out to the backyard patch to pick herbs when -
Olaf saw smoke rising from the forest by the westward lake..
The bear reasoned, ‘if it’s a forest fire, it could potentially damage my precious grapes’
‘There’s still time to try,‘ he sighed, eyed the skies, then devised a plan to investigate -
Padding through the forest; sunshine upon his furry face, he arrived at the burning place
To discover a massive willow, aromatic, smoldering, yet still flourishing
Ripe with otherworldly looking vegetation, and ferns converged in a purple glaze
At the suddenly strange scent his nose curved away in firm distaste
But soon after inhaling for minutes - Olaf began to feel relaxed instead
His eye color went from royal sapphire to flaxen red, like the ashes of an acrid cress
‘Could this be the fabled plant Subannac?’ he paused and considered, then cackled ‘yes!’
Grabbed a handful of this odorous leaf and lumbered back to his cabin steps
There, he sat down with a glass of blackberry wine, stretched his back & slept
Sapped of any nasty stress; it seemed after all this time he felt true warmth and happiness..
The next morning he munched on a snack and dressed -
Scrolls of Elohim spread out, a mug of steaming joe, stir fried ant’lope hooves
He slung jazz fireflies to the mountain winds from his banjo groove
In a trance mode, smooth, he waltzed to dusty book shelf and plucked an edition:
Written in Sanskrit hymns: “His Holy Ghan Jah’s Sacred Botanical Manuscripts”
“YES, I FOUND IT!“ he cried aloud. “Subannac - spelled backwards - is cannabus!’



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